Sunday, May 25, 2008

Story continues...

Well ya know..its hard to put yourself into words on a computer screen let alone a piece of paper. I guess I would start by saying im a fun loving, kind, caring person who loves to have a good laugh and hang out with friends. I do not know what I would do without them! I am a strong believer in telling the truth, speaking whats on your mind ( even if it hurts, sometimes) and not being pulled along in little games. All I have to say is why not give it a try? Who knows maybe it will click... The worst that can happen is that we never see each other again. No but n e who all id had to say if i was strung along again is that its your loss. But i guess that maybe you gathered that I have had some bad experiences in the past. Ask me pretty much any question you want...I will be more than happy to answer. I am a very open minded individual who loves meeting new people and have been told very easy and comfortable to talk to. Gay date sex isn't really my thing, if you are into that stuff message someone else. I work lots but i do make time for my friends and family. All I would ask of anyone is to give the same effort back to someone who has been there for them. I dont exactly know what im looking for on here but if you are interested just send me a smile or msg me. Cant say too much more right now...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I believe we all have one wish

I believe we all have one wish . Is to find someone that is right for us. I wish for someone to make me laugh and laughs with me . I know I will know you when in a crowded room everyone else dissapears. I know when all my past hurts seem so trivial because i;m so happy now. I will know that your the one when I can't wait to get up everyday cause the thought of seeing you is the main reason. I would hope that you chase me around the house a few times a week cause you can't stop wanting me . My wish is that maybe we might want to have children because we know that the 2 of us combined would be a dynamite person. I would be most attracted to you if you were tall , light eyes , sexy between the ages of 32-42 and ready for a possible relationship and physically fit . I would also offer a fit lifestyle tons of laughs and always remind you of how sexy I think you are. I would want to encourage your career and you mine. Most of all my wish would be that you give us a chance before bailing out and let me know that before you do . I've never been married , no kids and would prefer that although I'm open if the chemistry is right.
wishing positive things for you and me .